Located in the border to Kochi Prefecture, the area of former Kitomura Village is so rich in mother nature as 98% of its land is spaciously represented by natural forests. The former village is also gifted with rain, which nurtures the river Nakagawa well known as ultimate fishing destination.


Abundant flow of river Nakagawa is a strong testimony of richness of the forest in the region especially in the former Kitomura Village area. There still is a great volume of untouched natural forests, which are owned and conserved by the local municipal who guarantees to keep its nature as a heritage for the future. One can easily encounter giant oaks and hundreads-old cedars in the area among other natural features, hence it is not difficult at all to feel the longivity of the forest from long past to future.


The water source of the mineral water "Kitomura Mountain Spring Water (Kitomura Yama-no-Wakimizu)" is located at the mountain ridge of approximately 800 meters above sea level in the area of former Kitomura village. The source water of this mineral water, unlike common products, is natural spring water gushing out from the very spot without being artificially pumped at all. Jointly with the small production volume of Kitomura Mountain Spring Water,it confirms that production of this mineral water does not hinder water resource conservation at all.

ミネラルウォーター「きとうむら 山の湧水」の採水地は旧木頭村に位置する高石山の標高800メートルほどの地点にあります「きとうむら 山の湧水」は地下水を汲み上げる一般的なミネラルウォーターと異なり、採水地に自噴する自然湧水をポンプを使用することなく適量採水しているため、当地の水資源に与える悪影響はありません。

Water age of Kitomura Mountain Spring Water is presumed to be relatively young based on the geological structure around the water source. On the other hand, the water contains a certain level of calcium, and pH shows a range of between 7.7 and 8.0 throughout a year.

A key to see water characteristics is the underground rock types and their formation. The rock type underlying this water source is adduct presumed to be formed during the age of Mesozoic Cretaceous. Adducts formed in the same age scatter south Kyushu, south Shikoku, south Kii peninsula, and south of Chubu region of which the most notable is Shimanto belt to which the water source of Kitomura Mountain Spring Water belongs.

These adducts were once beds of the Pacific plate, the fact indicating limestone as component of the underground rock formatioon of the area. The presence of limestone supports the rationale of the water characteristics of Kitomura Mountain Spring Water as it contains calcium and repatively high pH degree despite the relatively short period of natural infiltration underground.

採水地の地形構造から、「きとうむら 山の湧水」の原水の水年齢は比較的若いものと推定されます。その一方で、軟水ながら適度にカルシウムを含んでいます。pHも7.7~8.0の弱アルカリ性です。


これら付加体はもともと太平洋プレートの堆積物であり、それは当該採水地の地下に石灰岩が含まれていることを示唆しており、またそれは「きとうむら 山の湧水」の水年齢が比較的短いという仮定を裏付ける根拠ともなり、つまり比較的急峻な地下水の流れにも関わらず、そこが石灰岩質であれば地下水はカルシウムを吸収し、それによりアルカリ性に傾くことも理解できます。

Bottling factory of mineral water "Kitomura Mountain Spring Water" is located in midst of the great nature.

The natural water is sent directly to the factory in pipeline after being taken at the spring water source.
Obviously, there is no source of contamination in the entire area surrounding the water factory.

ミネラルウォーター「きとうむら 山の湧水」の充填工場は採水地の大自然に囲まれたところに位置しています。