Certification's Benefits for Producers and Consumers

Benefits for Producers
・Distinct appeal to consumers: Solid appeal to anyone who pays attention to the safety and quality of key ingredients.
・Branding: Meisui Ninsho's certification seal proves both the product's high-quality water and the water's resource sustainability, a sign that the product is made by a socially-responsible producer.

Benefits for Consumers
・Meisui Ninsho's certification logo mark makes it easy to identify a product made truly of healthy and tasteful water out of a number of choices.
・Meisui Ninsho's certification informs consumers of the quality of the water on which relevant information is usually unavailable.
・As Meisui Ninsho assures the sustainability of the water in the product, consumers can easily select a socially-responsible product.




Case studies: Certification Effect on Product Sales Increase

A research conducted in 2018 on certified products revealed a clear indication of positive effect by our water certification.

We obtained comparable on-line sales data of 3 certified prodcuts by 3 different producers for the periods of before certification and afterwards.
All three products demonstrated positive correlation between certfication and sales increase according to the investigation.
Despite the small sample size, the results suggest a likely case that consumers are more keen to select certified products een if thrie prices are higher than most of other products.